What is Bojuka?

The Only Thing More Real IS The Real Thing.

BOJUKA is a REALISTIC STREET ORIENTED SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM. All the techniques are based on common sense and experience. They were designed and chosen for their efficiency and destructive potential. Bojuka differs from many other forms of Martial Arts in that it is designed purely as a way of deadly fighting.


Although there is a strong emphasis on threat assessment and the use of reasonable force, the techniques are always executed in their combat or disabling form. Bojuka is never performed in any type of sporting form. It is the PLAIN TRUTH - STRAIGHT FORWARD - HARD HITTING - REVEALING - POINT BLANK - COLD HARD FACTS. This eye opening instruction gives you an insider’s grasp of the intensity and explosive nature of a violent encounter.


This unique learning experience gives you new insight and instant feedback!

Bojuka is not a random collection of techniques. This system is real and has to be seen and felt to be truly appreciated.

Developed Through Real Life Encounters

The foundation of the entire system is based on over 25 years of serious Martial Arts and self defense training as well as in-depth research, analysis, and strategic experimentation. All the Bojuka tactics, strategies and beliefs are based on common denominations witness by the system's founder on the street. They have been derived from real life, live or die street assaults by convicted felons.

Through a series of increasingly demanding drills, the student's response to a violent assault will be instantaneous, direct and devastating!

Unarmed Combat

The empty hand (or unarmed) self defense training is based on a very aggressive or 'offensive defense'. Since your assailant initiates the attack (whether in a physical or non-physical manner) you must be able to execute a pre-emptive strike or initiate your defense first. There's a very fine line between being defensive or offensive in a self-defense situation: both from a tactical and a legal standpoint.

Armed Self Defense Training

The advanced, armed self defense training consists of impact weapons and edged weapons combative with the knife as the emphasized weapon (a folding tactical knife in particular).

Through a series of structured, specialized drills, the student will develop knife and counter knife defensive skills to the point where the defender has the ability to respond to the situation using deadly force if necessary or using less than lethal force if possible.



The entire system consists of 4 main skill levels. This in depth instruction is only available at the Bojuka training facilities located in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Los Angeles, or Ontario Canada. To complete all 4 levels usually takes about 2 years. There are however, several courses available that are designed to meet specific needs and are taught on a short-term basis.


This type of instruction is personalized to fit each client's needs and life style. All training is clearly explained and demonstrated in a concise, straightforward, non-intimidating fashion.

Certified Instruction


All of the Special Level Four certified Bojuka instructors have top credentials and are real world operators who will unlock the secrets of self protection in an intensive and rewarding learning experience.

In addition to training at any one of our facilities, instruction can be conducted in the comfort of your own home, office, gym, etc. The team will travel to fit your schedule as needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specialized Courses


The following courses are available to individuals on a one to one basis or to a group of any size through instructional classes or seminars:

  • Street Survival Tactics: Personal Protection Techniques

Designed for the average citizen who is serious about protecting him/herself and their families.

2.      Rape Prevention: Self Defense Specifically for a Woman
This course differs from #1 due to the nature of this type of assault.

3.      Close Quarter Hand-to-Hand Combat
Designed for the individual with a military or previous martial arts background, this course will enhance your existing arsenal in many ways.

4.      Law Enforcement - Officer Survival Tactics
Includes prisoner/suspect handling, speed cuffing techniques, ASP/baton techniques, firearm retention and more…

5.      "Professional Protection Specialist" - Tactics and Techniques
Includes specialized, modified courses for:

  • Public/Private security personnel
  • Club security
  • Body Guards
  • Military

6.      Knife Fighting for Personal Protection
Level One:
Essentially designed to "survive" a serious assault using an edged weapon
Level Two: Designed not only to survive but also to have the skill to disarm and control your assailant at a more professional level
Level Three: This elite level of advanced knife fighting approaches the expert level
Please note: This list of available training courses is a general overview only. There are many more "sensitive" subjects available on an as needed basis. Confidentialiality is respected with all clients.

If you would like more information and are considering serious training of this nature please feel free to contact: Sifu James Skinner at bojuka@sbcglobal.net

or (818) 793-4484

FOUNDER - Tom Schrenk (Specialist Level Five)


Tom Schrenk has over 15 years real-life experience in the field of armed and unarmed self-defense. He is the founder and head instructor of the Bojuka Self Defense System. Prior to and during the development of Bojuka he has researched, studied, trained, tested and experimented with many close quarter combat systems. Since 1987 he has specialized in edged weapons combative, knife fighting in particular.

For several years Schrenk has instructed many civilians, military personnel, government agencies, state and local law enforcement and private sector operatives in many diversified phases of armed and unarmed hand to hand combat. Most of his current "students" are black belt instructors, many of who have their own dojo.

By 1985 Tom Schrenk had studied boxing for 3 years and held a black belt in a Japanese Jujitsu Martial Art, which together formed the core of the foundation that Bojuka was built on. From 1990 to 1993 he served as a bail enforcement agent in the northern Ohio area apprehending approximately 130 violent felons. This experience, the cold, brutal reality of what "self defense" really is, became crystal clear.


Sifu James is prepared to defend/demonstrate the system of Bojuka to anyone, at anytime, any place. He is fully committed to his own self-mastery as well as the further development of the art. He has discovered that to convey the concepts and to truly pass Bojuka on to others is an art in itself. His main objective as an instructor is to teach is students to teach themselves. Self-mastery to prevail a lethal force encounter is a high path and a level of skill very few ever approach