Seminar & Class Info

There are various Bojuka Classes and Seminars currently available to all
martial art practitioners and or civilians.Private, Small /Large Group &
Specialized instruction is offered.


Our 1 & half to 4 Hr courses include:
Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Courses
Geared towards:
Empty hand (Offensive & Defensive)
Stick & ASP/ Empty Hand vs. Stick & ASP (Offensive & Defensive)
Knife to Knife / Empty Hand vs. Knife (Offensive & Defensive)
Multiple Opponents with or Without Weapons (Offensive & Defensive)
Gun Tactics (Defensive)
Rape Prevention - Home Invasion - Environmental Defense Tactics
Police Tactics – Bodyguard Tactics - Restraint & Control

Film & Fight Choreography
Please contact me directly for more information.

Information on the knife
The Knife is the preferred and primary weapon of choice utilized by all Bojuka
students by skill level 4. This page is dedicated to the practical use of this
marvelous but deadly tool/instrument.

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