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20140513230234-Sheldon_SmithSheldon A. Smith, a native of California, was born in the city of Pasadena, home of the Trojans. As a youth, Sheldon was always full of energy and from time to time found himself attracting trouble. As a result, his mother decided to enroll him in different sports such as track and field, baseball, basketball, and football to keep him focused. In the ninth grade he moved to the city of Carson where he attended Gardena High School. It was there that he discovered his passion for basketball and his hopes of earning an athletic college scholarship. Several scouts approached him from Universities such as Oregon State, Montana, and Portland State. But despite his athletic ability low SAT scores prevented Sheldon from receiving a scholarship and diverted him to Community College. Two years later Sheldon turned to another unknown passion…. Acting. He began to accompany his brother child actor Shamari Berkely on auditions and began to experience the energy and professionalism of film and television sets. Being on the set allowed Sheldon to experience something that has caused him to fall in love with the art of acting. He enjoyed the thought of portraying different roles and also the thought of how he could change someone’s life with a simple line laced with emotion. Since then acting has become a way of truth for Sheldon. He consistently auditions and has most recently booked several lead and co-starring roles in student and independent films. Acting has become something that Sheldon will use to better his life and in the future change the world with. Sheldon trains under Choice Skinner at the “Breakin Through Acting Workshop” to become a stronger actor and build better scene study and auditioning skills.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: James Gruzanski


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